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Universal Remote Control(URC), an emerging tech company in the total home control market, granted Flair Display Inc. the opportunity to design and build a custom counter unit that interactively displayed products. URC needed us to make the counter display functional as well as secure unit, being that these products are luxury retail items. With that in mind, the Flair design team went to work.


What we developed was a luxury custom counter display, that embodied all of the requirements that URC tasked to us. We have a high gloss black plastic construction with a brushed stainless steel facing. This finish is sleek, modern, & clean giving the piece a classic feel. The counter display's shape allows for all the necessary wiring to be hidden neatly within the unit. The remotes were firmly affixed to security retractors, which allowed the customer to interact with the product but also aided in theft prevention. The large video screen displayed a customer activated looped product video. In the end, Flair created a counter unit that gratified all of the required unit specs from URC while making a dazzling utilitarian display.