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Tanqueray, one of the most well known gin brands in the world, was looking to increase brand pull of it's 200 ml & 375 ml varietals at the counter. They had a beautiful new campaign and needed an equally elegant display to market these sizes. The unit needed to be able to accommodate both varietal sizes, be a quick read to the consumer & also be consistent with the current marketing campaign.


Flair Display chose a more bold rout with this display. We started of with a classic counter display shape and made it more modern. The look of this display is striking due to the gloss black acyclic construction. Other companies may shy away from printing on lack material, but that is what sets Flair Display Inc. above the rest. We placed full color graphics onto a black part & the graphics were still vibrant and were able to convey the current look & feel of Tanqueray's current campaign. Diageo was able to relate how well the units were doing in the field and that they were very pleased with the performance of the counter units.