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QMI presented a unique problem to Flair Display regarding their floor display. They had literally hundreds of products that they would like to present & store while showing that the products are versatile for luxury & frugal applications. The also have a variety of handles that are available for domestic as well as commercial applications. The final requirement of the floor was to present the information to the consumer about a variety of the products displayed as well as how to obtain more information about the company's products.


Flair Display's solution to the variety of tasks that the QMI floor had to achieve, was to create changeable panels throughout the floor display. What we created here is floor unit that has incalculable amount of configurations. We have a permanent side panel display of the most popular & versatile units. We've also attached the customer information on panels that also accept changeable graphics. These panels also have hooks that can accept products customized to the store they will be displayed in. there also are literature pockets to hold brochures. At the rear of the unit there are storage draws that are able to be sectioned into 1, 2 or 3 compartments (as pictured at top left). The handles can also be changed for more display options.

At the front of the unit, there are 4 distinct panels that are also changeable (pictured at right). Each panel can be specifically ordered to a wide variety of configurations and slid into place from the top. At the base is a turntable which allows the consumer to easily navigate product & storage. These variations give the QMI floor endless potential to display & store product, endless possible ways to satisfy our client.