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FIJI Water wanted to make an impact with new mass merchandisers so they approached Flair Display about creating some new creative pieces. There were very few restrictions regarding these displays, they needed to hold a large amount of product, but FIJI Water was looking to have a short period for creative turn around. We at Flair Display immediately began to brainstorm, what we were able to create was popular amongst the FIJI Water company, as well as well received by the consumer community.


Our floor display could easily be transplanted from the archipelago itself. It's designed to mimic a tiki hut with it's thatched roof and minimal appearance. It was dressed with the FIJI logo running down the uprights in four locations. This floor display was built to hold a massive amount of water and it's heavy duty casters facilitate the movement of such a substantial floor display. This floor display holds thirty-six cases of FIJI Water in sizes from 500 ml to 1 liter bottles.

The End Cap unit was a beautifully configured add on to a previously existing refrigerated unit. The end cap surround adds shelves, back lit graphics, and adjustable shelves to allow for various sized water bottles. The surround houses a multi port outlet strip to allow power to the lights and refrigerated unit. The surround header and graphics sport j-tracks that allow for strategic regions to have changeable graphics. Displaying product in mass isn't always an easy task but with our design and value engineering, we have functionally melded form and function.