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Don Julio, the eighth largest brand in the United States by volume, contacted Flair Display about making an interactive unit. There were some special requests for these units that were going to be rolled out in conjunction with the release of Activision's DJ Hero 2. At the top of the list portability, these interactive displays were going to be used by Don Julio's marketing team. The teams would set the floor display up in a desired location as well as offer tasting's for a variety of Don Julio products. An additional requirement was to have security for the Don Julio product as well as the DJ Hero gaming console, controller and video screen.


We believe this interactive floor display is the perfect combination of an attractive form following top-notch function. We coupled vibrant graphics with a lockbox cabinet on casters to provide both portability and security. This piece was able to be setup, prepared and running in less than 15 minutes by one person. It features a large led screen securely attached to a sweeping black metal arm which finishes at the top with branding the mimics the shape of the locking cabinet. The Don Julio Dj Hero 2 portable floor display is made of MDF, Metal, and Sintra it has a multi port power strip internally to accommodate all of the devices housed within.