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Daler Rowney, a premium art supply brand, tasked Flair Display to create an interesting, variable & modular piece that would look great on it's own as well as in a group. Daler Rowney needed this flexiblility because of the nature of their products. At the point of purchase, there also needed to be flexibility for the retailer. This Daler Rowney counter unit needed the retailers to properly relate what was available inventory wise to their customer. These specifications were options by our client, but including those options while making it look good is standard for Flair Display Inc.


What we created at Flair is an extremely versatile counter display that gives the retailers a wide array of options for displaying the merchandise. As you can see in the portfolio page pictures above. The unit can be part of a larger group (above left) or as a singular unit (above right). The unit allows for a variety of brushes to be placed with adjustable brush holders. These changes can be complimented by the corresponding header & front card graphics.