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B&H Photo, the largest non-chain photo and video equipment store in the United States, contacted Flair about creating a section for Canon USA to magnify their product line within the "point-and-shoot" camera section. There were strict parameters to adhere to, including height and area restrictions. While distinguishing this area the overall feel needed to remain consistent to the stores camera section design. They seem simple but these are difficult parameters in the display industry. Difficult, but not impossible.


To bring attention to Canon as a brand and the wide variety products they supply, we provided a digital screen alongside changeable infographic areas. This screen has a changeable memory card that allows the video to be updated. This interactive display also has two areas to the left and right of the screen that allow for changeable printed graphics. The product graphic is back lit and also changeable. The Canon HS system graphic is also back lit but it is permanent. The result is a highly customizable unit that will remain current for Canon due to it's specialized Canon permanent graphic. The combination of light, video & sound makes this interactive display an customer attracting interactive display.