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We here at Flair were excited when Heaven Hill contacted us about a custom floor for the Blackheart Spiced Rum brand. Flair was charged to develop a custom floor for Blackheart Rum that can be used at retail to draw attention to the brand and increase consumer pull. There also were other necessary requirements for the ideal floor display. The piece needed to reflect the brand personality in a clever, unique and memorable way for the consumer. The floor display also needed to be a quick read given use in retail space.

There were also design criteria that we needed to flow strictly to keep brand consistency flowing. Heaven Hill wanted us to keep in mind, but not be limited to; using the current ad/case card creative to inspire a dimensional display piece, we were required to prominently feature the icon image of the Blackheart girl in a unique & edgy way.

The final part of the requirements including the functional requirements. It was necessary for the floor display to accommodate three cases of twelve 750 ml bottles, the piece also needed to ship partially knocked down to minimize costs, and it need to be lightweight.


Our main goal, besides delivering quality product that contained all of the customers wish list, was to make sure to separate from traditional rum imagery or commonplace pirate stereotypes. What resulted was a clean and modern looking floor display that encompassed what the customer was looking for. We were able to pull the graphic straight from the label to create a Blackheart girl that was life size comparable. The piling that the Blackheart girl sits upon was converted to the rack which holds 3 cases of 750 ml bottles. With all of the customer wish list accomplished and a beautifully sleek floor display produced, Flair prepared for the next project. The finished display is the culmination of Flair Display's discipline when accepting a demanding project.